Case studies


User Research for
Met Office

We led user-research over 18 months on the latest Weather App and worked across digital with multiple teams and partners. We also helped the Met Office transition to agile project management.

We employed a range of methods to identify existing and potential users and better understand user needs, working closely with product designers to develop initial concept to continuous improvement over time.

Methods included remote diary studies, usability lab testing, data analysis to guerilla research interviews. Personas developed as part of this project have been featured in the forthcoming 'This is Service Design Doing' book.

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Research & Design Strategy for Policy Lab & DfE

We undertook a 6 month user research and design strategy project on childcare policy development for The Cabinet Office’s Policy Lab. We worked with the Department for Education to research and co-design  options for early years childcare provision that meets parents’ needs.

We did exploratory research sessions with stakeholders, desk research and worked with an ethnographer on in-depth contextual interviews. Phillippa led a series of co-design workshops across  with 57 parents, and 16 child-care providers to generate insights on childcare needs and report a range of solutions to inform national policy development.


Rapid Design Sprint with Decathlon

We worked with Decathlon Lakeside on a 5 day service design sprint led by Phillippa to devise solutions to improve employee experience.

We worked with four teams of junior service designers from UAL and four departments and the senior management team at Decathlon’s largest UK store.

Following an intense three day process, one team was selected to further develop their concept in-store and since been piloted with a view to roll out nationally. 

Improved employee experience and optimised processes attributed to this pilot, have led directly to increased sales in-store as a result.



CX with London College of Communication

We’ve been working on a year long customer experience project with front-line staff at London College of Communication.

Stemming from a Design Thinking Workshop with over 60 staff, we have supported working group of staff from diverse teams to explore ways to improve the student customer experience.

Topic ranges from enrolment to communications, and we have worked together to research and analyse pain-points in existing user-journeys and develop improved processes and touch-points being piloted.


Championing innovation through Open Data

Phillippa championed the £50k Innovation and Jobs sector challenge for NESTA and the ODI as part of the wider Innovation Open Data Challenge series. This involved cultural intelligence, community building, advocacy. We also provided intensive coaching and mentoring to shortlisted applicants through-out the programme.

This Challenge and £50,000 prize was won by Performance in Context (PiC). PiC developed an algorithm to use open data to put academic attainment performance into context, enabling more informed student recruitment decisions, increasing access to university and jobs.


Policy Design Jam at Northern Futures

In October 2014 we ran one of eight rapid innovation Open Ideas Days for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and The Cabinet Office in the North of England to identify barriers and solutions to economic growth. These simultaneous policy jam events brought together business leaders, technologists, designers, academics, policy makers and young people, to collaborate, problem solve and create ideas to inform new-generation policy making.

The ideas and solutions generated were then shortlisted and debate at a policy development summit, leading to significant funding of a number of projects to boost regional innovation and growth.


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